4 Must-Dos for Home Showings During the Time of COVID

by Denovan Blake 06/07/2020

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The new normal that all Americans are living during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to changes in how virtually every industry functions, including the real estate market. One of the areas where COVID019 has most affected the real estate industry is during the showing process. If you have your home on the market or plan on listing it soon, there are a few things that you will want to be aware of when you plan fo the showing of your home.

Showing Blocks May Be More Prudent

Open houses can present a challenge for many homeowners as there may be limits on how many people you can have in your home at one time. Additionally, individual private showings may not be as realistic either, as it would mean a thorough sanitization of your home each time a potential buyer wishes to see your home. Instead, showing blocks may be the most efficient way to hold showings. This would involve scheduling private showings in multiple hour blocks, so that you can show multiple prospective buyers the home, and only need to thoroughly sanitize once.

Have Everything Open and Ready-to-View

Determine what areas your potential buyers will like to see and make sure that they are open and easy to access without having to touch doorknobs or handles. This will make your buyers more comfortable as they will not need to come into contact with surfaces much more likely to contain germs. This means you will want to have the doors to all rooms and closets open and maybe the pantry and some of the cupboards in the kitchen where the prospective buyer may want to see the size. 

Offer Viewers Protective Gear

You should always have protective gear available to help protect the transference of germs into your home. Booties for guests' shoes can not only help prevent the transmission of germs but also keep your carpets clean. You should also have masks and gloves available for visitors to put on during the tour and hand sanitizer for them to use when their tour is completed. Not only will having buyers in protective gear provide you with peace-of-mind, but it will also make them feel more at ease knowing that you are taking the extra precautions.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Perform a Basic Screening Before Showings

Even though it may seem like common sense to abstain from bettering someone's home when you are ill during this time, it does not hurt to ask your agent to verbally ask potential buyers if they have been ill. If viewers are currently sick, the agent can offer to provide them with a virtual tour in lieu of a live one.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is changing the way real estate showings will occur, and by taking the extra precautions above, you will provide better safety for your family as well as the potential buyers viewing you home. 

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